Tuesday, July 01, 2014


I always think Summer is going to be lazy, relaxing days.  Not happening.  We are packing in a lot of fun and sometimes that means doing a hurry-up job on cleaning the house when we get home and late dinners...oh well, it's all in good fun and we've got to have some warm memories to tide us over for those harsh winter months.
Noah and his "giggles."  He would wear them to bed if he could.

This beautiful girl turned 4.

I bought some tart cherries at the farmers market, Lucy took one bite and said, 
"Mom, I think you bought the wrong kind of cherries."


Lucy has won the raffle at Music in the Park two weeks in a row...we need to get her a lottery ticket.

Lucy made sweet and sour sauce the other night all by herself, she measured out all the ingredients, we were both proud of her delicious work.  Mel's Sweet and Sour Chicken is one of my favorite dinners.

Off for more Summer fun!

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