Friday, August 29, 2014

It can be found on the ground all around...

We did the fair a little differently this year.  We weren't sure we would go due to the weather and baby Annie, so it ended up being a quicker visit than usual but still packed with fun.  Lucy and Noah had saved up to get ride bracelets and Lucy kept saying, "I get to ride as many rides as I want for FREE!"  I guess we'll work on that concept.  It was nice though, I'm glad we did the bracelets this year and will probably continue doing them in the future, just plan in more time for the other stuff...ahem...demo derby...ahem.

With Colors the Clown.

Their elation at riding rides took precedence over my stomach.  I know I turned green a few times.  Especially on the Dizzy Dragons.  What was I thinking?  Dizzy was IN the name.  We didn't know the boy riding with Lucy but they were having the cutest conversation.  I'm glad he was such a good sport.

Waiting in line for 1001 Nachts.  This was where my queasiness began.  Oh man. 

Super fun, I already can't wait for next year!

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