Friday, September 26, 2014

Chore Chart

We implemented a chore chart for Lucy in order to increase her personal responsibility and teach her some fiscal responsibility also through an allowance.  We decided that if she completes her weekly goals (she can miss up to three check marks) she gets $1.00.  On Saturday she does a "Saturday Job," which so far has been, cleaning the windows outside the house, cleaning the toy room, and scrubbing the bathtub.  If she completed her week-day chores and earned her $1.00 she earns an extra $2.00 for the Saturday job.  If not, she still has to do the job, but doesn't get paid for it.  So far, it's been working.  We've had to do a fair bit of reminding and she has missed a few check marks along the way but we are three and a half weeks in and she's earned all her dollars each week.

She's even learned a bit about delegating.  She hired her brother to help her with the toy room and paid him $1.00.  It was all her idea and he was thrilled.  He walked into the dollar store protectively covering his dollar filled pocket.  They both had fun picking their own items.

Yesterday, Lucy brought home the Scholastic Book order form. There is a book she wanted to get, after seeing the price she said, "If I buy this book, I'll only have $1.00 left."  
So, she's's working.

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Shelly Onofrio said...

I loved the simplicity of your chart and the idea of the weekly extra job! I basically entirely copied your idea and made one with 4-year-old friendly jobs and we started it last week with Miles. He still was not loving the idea even though he had earned his money last week, so I took him to the dollar store today like you did with your kiddos and I think he is sold on helping now! Thank you as always for sharing. I wish you lived next door (or at least in the same time zone).