Thursday, October 30, 2014

sneaky peak

I took some pictures of the kids this week.  I'll share more later, I've got other editing to work on. but this one was just too sweet. This photo was not staged or coached in any manner and I love it.
These kids sure do love each other.
Noah has taken to calling Lucy, "My Lu."
"How old are you mom? 31."
"And how old is My Lu?"

Speaking of how old My Lu is...tomorrow, it changes.  Today is the last day of being 6!
Right now Lucy loves:
Lemon, her lizard.
Reading, especially the Ocean Fairy books, the Ramona books, Ivy + Bean, and any animal fact books she can get her hands on.
She is really good at math, which along with science, is her favorite subject.  She is still working on her handwriting and has improved a lot already this year.
She is still enjoying her piano lessons, due to her amazing teacher.
Her favorite foods are Cheeseburger Soup, pickles, bacon, and white chocolate.  She does not like milk or dark chocolate unless it's a Kit Kat.  She loves to laugh and has a great little giggle.
She also loves to snuggle and she is the 2nd best big sister in the whole world.

Something I've noticed about Lucy is that she is eager to please, maybe that's the sign of the first born but she seeks for our approval on a lot of what she does and I do my best to be affirming and confidence building.  I love getting to be her mom.

I'll post more birthday fun tomorrow.

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