Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Pump up the birthday fun.

Lucy went to a birthday party at Pump it Up last night.  I'm pretty sure she thought she'd died and gone to heaven, just look at that face.  Although, I doubt there are inflatable bounce houses in heaven, anyway.  She had such a blast.  I wasn't planning on staying, but when I got there, it turned out to be the kind of party where they expect the whole family.  That doesn't happen often, but there I was.  At this birthday party with a bunch of adults I'd never met before.  Lucy and I were the only white people there.  It was such an odd experience for me but I got out of my comfort zone and I even ate a samosa, it was delicious.  I wasn't brave enough for the mint chutney though, maybe next time.

They did face painting with the Sparkle Tattoo papers.  Have you seen those?  It was pretty cool, I think I could achieve something similar with the Silhouette but I'd have to find sticker paper that wouldn't irritate sensitive skin.

Sitting on the Birthday Throne.


Drew Watts said...

What fun birthday party! I am glad that the kiddos enjoyed in this party. My son just turned 5 years old. We had organized outdoor party at the most popular party venues Houston TX. He really enjoyed a lot with his kindergarten friends.

Matt Voges said...

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