Friday, June 26, 2015

Mac and cheeeese

I don't know what my obsession with Macaroni and Cheese has been but I tried this recipe from the chef at Slow's BBQ.  It was really yummy, I think it's as good as the Cooks Illustrated version and I'm thinking maybe I should work out a Mac and Cheese hybrid monster of the two.  This one has the mace which I makes the sauce almost like gravy.  "I can hear you getting fatter."  
So, try it, it's delicious.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Fire truck visit and a lucky Noah

Noah won the prize from the Genuine Toy Company at Music in the park!
When they were signing up to enter the drawing he said, "I want to win that!" 
I guess that's the power of positive thinking. Ha!

Monday, June 22, 2015

Youth Conference

This is what 150 pounds of pork looks like:

You should have seen me walking through Meijer with this cart.  People kept asking me, "What are you going to do with all that meat?"  I did give out the recipe a few times.  We did Cafe Rio salads.  Seriously yum and you can find the recipes on the website Yum Cafe.

While I was gone, the kids played with Grammi and Grandpa and had tons of fun.
Lucy is fearless.  When I was her age, there's no way you could have gotten me to hold a turkey.

Tammy and I stopped at this antique sale, oh  my goodness, I wanted all the things.
It was in this old house which featured a fireplace with a secret compartment for hiding in case bad guys came, old timey panic room, yay!

The Youth visited various sites around Kirtland and heard some inspiring messages.

Such a fun getaway and workaway.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Guy Louis and Good Mac and Cheese

Music in the Park with Guy Louis was a ball, as usual.  Did you see us in this video?
Check us out in the news!
Tony and I sneaked away to see Jurassic World, which was great.
We ate at Vinsetta Garage and ate their delicious Macaroni and Cheese.
I can't decide if it was as good as Slow's because they were so similar, I was able to identify the spice in it that I love, Mace.  It's like spicy nutmeg. Yum.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Honors Assembly/Field Day/Last Day of School

School's Out!
Before school ended for Summer, Lucy had her honors assembly where she received honors in Language Arts, Science, Social Studies and Moral Focus and a MAP test award for Math, go figure.  
She did a great job this year and really seemed to learn a lot, especially in Reading and English.  

This is after the Honors Assembly, I didn't get a good photo of her crossing the stage receiving the awards.

Fun on field day!

It's been a really good year but we are so happy it's summer.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

The one About Grilled Pizza

I've been watching Friends while I do my chores.
I miss the 90s.
I love the "Rachel," and high-waist pants, and brown eye shadow.

I also really love pizza, duh.
I've been wanting to grill it for a loooooooooong time.
I have been afraid of the grill.  Some friends of ours moved and gave us their old grill.  It was great for a free grill but needed some work, so my ever able and handy husband fixed it up and showed me that it really isn't all that different from using the stove. He was totally right.

I made up a batch of my trusty pizza dough and let it rise for about an hour before shaping it into a round, which really turned into this crazy blob.
I read the instructions on the front of the grill, and turned the burners up to high and let it burn for about 20 minutes.  I brushed the grates with the grill brush and then oiled them with olive oil.  I also brushed oil over one side of the crust.
I transfered the dough from my flat, one sided airbake cookie sheet and let it grill, oil side down, covered, for about 4-5 minutes, I could see through the thin parts that it was starting to get brown.
*a note about the thin parts: They were the yummiest so I think next time I'll divide this into two pizzas and make them a bit thinner.  Things got a little hairy as I was stretching the dough, I need more practice. 

Then I pulled it off the grill using some sweet moves with a giant metal spatula and tongs.  I transfered it back to the airbake and topped with sauce, cheese and other toppings.  I returned it to the grill and let it go for another 8 minutes or so until the cheese was good and melty.

Try it.  It's worth it.  I don't think I'll use the oven for pizza in the summer anymore, it was easy and so much tastier.

Look at that crust!

This is how I felt after tasting it: "I have grilled pizza!"

Friday, June 05, 2015

National Donut Day!

I knew National Donut day was coming up, thanks to Wixey's bakery, they've been posting all week.
I have been really wanting to try a cronut and thought puff pastry would probably work.  I was right.
So good.  

I started with the recipe I'd previously used for puff pastry from "Not Without Salt," I'm sure you can find that post around here somewhere.
However, I didn't want to use up all the butter in the house and I only had salted.  Gasp. I know.
But you know what? It worked.

Puff Pastry:
1 C Flour
1 Stick + 6 Tbls Salted butter, cut into chunks
1 pinch of salt
2-3 T cold water

Pulse the flour, butter and salt until combined and lumpy, add the water and pulse until a dough forms that looks like this:
Dump it out onto a floured work surface, and using a floured rolling pin, roll it into a big rectangle.  Fold in thirds.  Repeat twice.  Then refrigerate for 40 minutes.  Repeat the rolling and folding three more times.  Chill for another 40 minutes, then roll it out and use it!  I cut my doughnuts with a biscuit cutter and a knife for the middle.

Fry in 350 vegetable oil for 15 seconds per side or until it starts to lightly brown.

For the glaze:
melt 3 T butter in the microwave
add 1 C powdered sugar and 3/4 T vanilla
then add hot water until you reach the desired consistency, mine was about 2-3 T.

 Noah wandered into the kitchen and said, "What are those?!" and took two.

He just came in and said, "I want a number three donut."