Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Some sewing projects

I've sewn a few things over the last few months I thought I'd share.

This cute Fox Stuffy for Annie's Birthday

A Pencil Case for Lucy to take to school...she wanted woodland and undersea animals.

This disappearing nine-patch quilt for my sweeter-than-sweet niece.  I especially love the striped binding.

These Russian Nesting purses...geez I love these...I learned to paper piece on this project.

This super cute makeup bag.  The inside is lined with the mint/gold fabric from the tabs.

I can't pick a favorite, I loved them all.


Bethany said...

You. Are. A-mazing.
I can't believe you made all that stuff!!! It's professional!

Kate Eidam said...

These are soooo cool. I especially adore the makeup bag and pencil case!

Kati Cox said...

Wow, you have been busy. So neat. Love the quilt/blanket colors and patterns. :)

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