Tuesday, November 22, 2016

look at me....I'm...posting!

Can you believe I'm actually posting something?

Maybe-maybe-maybe one day I'll go back and recap the last YEAR...but maybe I'll just pick up from here.  I thought I'd write about my weekend..a couple weekends ago.  Noah was invited to a birthday party in Ann Arbor so I decided Lucy and I would have a little date while he was there.  We had a great time.  We went to one of my favorite lunch places, Frita Batidos.  Fritas are delicious burgers and Batidos are milkshakes...like the best you've ever had.  The lime is my favorite.  After lunch we walked around the shopping district and saw lots of interesting things.  We drove all over creation looking for her favorite flavor of Jelly Belly-grapefruit.  She told me she likes candy that's rare.  She also asked me if we could start a book club.  So we read Swindle over the weekend, we had a meeting where we took turns asking each other the discussion questions.  She suggested we each make a snack.  I made brownies, she made crackers with cream cheese and salami/pickle rollups.  It was pretty much the best thing ever.  Then we watched the movie.  The movie was terrible and she kept saying, "this is nothing like the book!"  I've raised the best girl ever.  I love 9.

Oh-and on the birthday party-are parents supposed to stay?!  The invitation did not indicate parents were supposed to stay, but they all did...except me.  Why not tell me?  Then, they didn't open gifts...is that a thing?  When I was a kid-that was part of the party-watching the kid open the gifts.  What's the deal?

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